The History of Durga Puja

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Durga Puja is celebrated every year in the Hindu month of Ashwin (September-October) and commemorates Prince Lord Rama’s invocation of the goddess before going to war with the demon king Ravana.

Let’s understand history of Durga puja

1st-2nd century AD:

In ancient India , Durga used to be depicted differently. The oldest statue of Goddess Durga in India belongs to the 1st or 2nd century AD and currently resides in the museum of Mathura.

Late 1500 :

The first grand worship of Goddess Durga in recorded history is said to have been celebrated in the late 1500s. Folklores say the landlords, or zamindar, of Dinajpur and Malda initiated the first Durga Puja in Bengal.

Journey of Community Durga Puja :

From another source, Durga Puja in Kolkata began around 1790. It was notified in the Kolkata Gazette some time towards 1801. It took decades to bring it to a community level and among the masses. Towards later part of 19th century, Durga Puja in Bengal became popular.

20th Century onwards :

The twentieth century witnessed the emergence of community Durga Puja which was also at times organized publicly. The first Barowari Durga Puja was organized in Kolkata by Bhowanipore Sanatan Dharmotsahini Sabha in 1909 at Balaram Bose Ghat Road, Bhowanipore. On this occasion, Sri Aurobindo published the famous Durga Stotra in his Bengali journal, Dharma, issue one “Kartika” dated 1316 AD.




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