Sri Krishna is the name of God of all living being we can call Him in differently in different religion but He is same.

Lord Krishna is known as the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu. The influence of Lord Krishna has been worldwide and there are millions of followers who have dedicated their lives to Lord Krishna.

He is an historical person who appeared on this earth in India 5,000 years ago. He stayed on this earth for 125 years and played exactly like a human being, but His activities were unparalleled.

He is one of the ideal Gods that…

Last November 2020, I got an opportunity to attend 3-Day Spiritual Trip to Vraj Dham with group of ISKCON Delhi NCR devotees . It was a wonderful experience by walking barefoot passing through some sandy areas, pebble areas, villages and few small temples surrounding Giriraj.

Braj Dham Yatra Nov 2020

In this blog, I want to share one of the Learning experience from Day 2 of our camp. It was early morning session taken by HG Sarvamangal Gaur Dasa Prabhuji. Topic of the session was on 64 Limbs of devotional service.

Srila Rupa Goswami has given 64 limbs of devotional service, starting from Guru pad…

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Note : This blog is originally contributed to AEA Delhi Chapter

A disaster is any event, natural or man-caused, which creates an intense negative impact on people, goods and services, and/or the environment, and exceeds the affected community’s internal capability to respond, prompting the need to seek outside assistance.

Disaster management is all about knowing the right data, at the right time and initiating correct preventive and handling measures in moments of pressure. Optimum understanding of area, right amount of pre-planning and effective mobilization of during and post event resources all contribute towards mitigating effects of calamity.

In this context…

· Are your kids/toddlers transitioning from scribbling to writing and then drawing in an easy way?

· Do you want to tune into your children’s creativity with art materials at an early age to help them become thoughtful and confident individuals later in life ?

  • Do you know that development to adulthood is a step by step process hence age appropriate tools ensure better development of muscle strength, motor coordination and creative thinking making the children high achievers ?

Good news ! We at Crayon Labs have good news for you !!!

Advantages :

· The early age crayon range…

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Durga Puja is celebrated every year in the Hindu month of Ashwin (September-October) and commemorates Prince Lord Rama’s invocation of the goddess before going to war with the demon king Ravana.

Let’s understand history of Durga puja

1st-2nd century AD:

In ancient India , Durga used to be depicted differently. The oldest statue of Goddess Durga in India belongs to the 1st or 2nd century AD and currently resides in the museum of Mathura.

Late 1500 :

The first grand worship of Goddess Durga in recorded history is said to have been celebrated in the late 1500s. …

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The title seems little tricky! Is not it? One key word “Experience” comes twice .So before debating about happiness and distress let’s focus on “What is Experience”?

Experience is the process through which human beings perceive the world around them.

According to the researchers, experiences create more lasting happiness because they are more open to positive reinterpretation; they tend to become more meaningful parts of one’s identity; and they do more to foster social relationships. Experiences help us learn, grow and connect with each other.

Happiness is the state of feeling or showing pleasure or contentment whereas distress refers to…

Note : This blog is originally contributed to AEA Delhi Chapter Newsletter

On 26th Sep 2020, Association of Enterprise Architecture (AEA) Delhi India Chapter organized an insightful webinar on the topic “Nurturing Women Architects — What Does it Take”.
It was an inspiring session for all of us to learn from Ms Sripriya Venkatesan

About the Speaker :

Sripriya is a Senior Architect with focus on Artificial Intelligence, Java and related technologies, solutioning and innovation for new age digital enterprises, End to end architecture for complex application landscapes, Cloud AI and other technologies.

She has more than 18 years of…

Note : This blog is originally contributed to AEA Delhi Chapter Newsletter

On 29th Aug 2020, Association of Enterprise Architecture (AEA) Delhi India Chapter organized an insightful webinar on the topic “Digital Banking and the role of Enterprise Architecture”.

It was very rare opportunity for all of us to learn from Dr Upendra Rao , Lead Expert for NeGD , Ex-Chief Technology Officer, State Bank of India who enlightened us from his 37+ years rich experience.

The topics covered in this webinar can be divided into 7 themes and this blog explains key takeaways from respective themes.

Theme # 1 : The Rise of Enterprise Architecture (EA) in IT Execution Models

Enterprise architecture is…

O Teacher ! You are Numero Uno !!

I find so many people are acknowledgeable
But you, you are mostly knowledgeable

I like the way you teach.
You make me prepare my 1st TedEx speech!
No one, no one can do the way you preach !!

I like the way you guide.
What’s good , what’s bad , You teach us to decide !!

I like the way you mentor.
No one , no one can explain so simpler !

I find so many people are fantastic
But you, you are mostly enthusiastic !

Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and disciplined,
Organized and kind too,
Are the qualities of you…

Creative, innovative and inspiring,
Dedicated and generous too,
Are the qualities of you…

You are Numero Uno …You are Numero Uno !!!

PC: LITLABS ; Sri Balaram Appearance Day , 3rd Aug 2020, ISKCON Auckland, Newzealand

kadacit kalindi-tata-vipina-sangitaka-ravo
jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

Translation : Sometimes in great happiness Lord Jagannatha makes a loud concert with His flute in the groves on the banks of the Yamuna. He is like a bumblebee tasting the beautiful lotus like faces of the cowherd damsels of Vraja, and great personalities such as Laksmi, Siva, Brahma, Indra, and Ganesa worship His lotus feet. May that Jagannatha Svami be the object of my vision.

bhuje savye venum sirasi sikhi-puccham kati-tate
dukulam netrante sahacara-kataksam vidadhate
sada srimad-vrndavana-vasati-lila-paricayo
jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

Translation : In His left hand…

Niladri Bihari Nayak

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